Customer Case Study List

  • Implementation Effects

    The drivers became conscious of safety driving. The fuel consumption was improved more than 10% while the over-speeding and accidents were decreased.

  • Implementation Effects

    By using the speed table of actual survey when the transportation is planned, the accuracy highly increased and the productivity of stores and the customer satisfaction are improved.

  • Implementation Effects

    By archiving "Visibility", the headquarters, branch offices and order reception center could be collaborated. The efficient transportation and the improvement of profitability were made.

Solutions & Products List

24hours x 365days Non-Stop Spiral of Level Up!

Execution of PDCA for Logistics
24hours x 365days x 14years Non-Stop

Program Development Best Fit Each Customer Analyze Operational Needs and Help Your Business Reach New Heights

Accurately Predict Arrival Time with Vast Array of Past Travel Time Data
Well-trusted Delivery Routing Software
Desirable for Cost Calculation and Distribution Simulation

Ensure Accurate CAN-BUS Data Collection
Help You Manage Truck's Fuel Consumption and Excessive Idle Time
Quickly Connect to CAN Network with 2cables

Real-time GPS Vehicle Tracking Cloud Service
Real-time Tracking Data Show You at a Glance
the Delivery Status and Temperature Status of Your Fleet

Multi Function All in One Device for Commercial Vehicle
Beneficial to Driver's Speed of Operation
Send Delivery Status with Mobile Access
Two-way Texting Messaging Possible

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  • Multi Function All in One Device for Commercial Vehicle eMF-ONE
  • 24hours x 365days Non-Stop Spiral of Level Up!
  • Abbreviation for Ecology Based Innovative Systems, Unit CO2 Reduction Safety Driving Improvement of Logistics Quality Kouei System Ltd. continues to contribute to the society through the development and sales of Integrated Logistics Management System.

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